DECEMBER 24, 2003
ABB2's "Autumn Lee" on 7-inch vinyl was released as scheduled yesterday. For more information or to order, please click here. Also, ABB2 would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

DECEMBER 17, 2003
BLE would like to remind you to attend the annual New Years Eve Bash! at The End featuring ABB2 on December 31. For more information, please click here. Also, ABB2's "Missionary Ridge" broadcast on New Artist Radio as the number one song of the week has been archived; you may listen to the telecast here.

DECEMBER 9, 2003
ABB2 has hit number one on the New Artist Radio "Top 40" countdown with its "Missionary Ridge" recording; you've got one week to listen to the official telecast featuring "Missionary Ridge" as the number one song; click here to listen.

NOVEMBER 25, 2003
ABB2's official BLE EPK (i.e., electronic press-kit) has been added to the Press section. Also, BLE would like to remind you to attend the "BLE Variety Hour" performance at The End on Wednesday; click here for more information.

In other news, "Autumn Lee" is currently in the manufacturing stage and will be released as scheduled on December 23, 2003. However, "With Body and Soul" (the B-side) has been replaced with "So Glad You're Mine." Click here to pre-order your copy now.

NOVEMBER 12, 2003
Tragically, Andy Bodean has left his calling as a musician to become a journalist somewhere in New Zealand at The Woodley Times, solely known hereafter as Roderick Smith; for more information or to read the full report, please click here.

OCTOBER 26, 2003
The wait is finally over. Yesterday, ABB2's "Autumn Lee" single (with "With Body and Soul" as the B-side) was finally completed, mixed, mastered, etc., courtesy of Shaven Goat Production Company. In the coming weeks, expect a sound-clip or two, as well as pre-order information (this single is, as of now, to be available only on 7-inch vinyl).

OCTOBER 5, 2003
ABB2 is heading into the studio later this month to begin recording a few new songs for an upcoming BLE release, which will include the much-awaited "Autumn Lee." The recordings, however, will be the first by ABB2 to be released on BLE that have not been recorded at Black Label Studio; production will be handled by the same group that worked on Tim Chad & Sherry's "Rocket Tonite," also an ABB2 first.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2003
Well, the Fall mini-tour has come to a close, though not without many, many memories (for a look, please visit the Download section, where you can view photographs from the tour). The Dynamite Brothers were pleasant chaps indeed, and we wish them only the best of success on their thirty day tour.

ABB2 is currently planning more tour dates, and will be heading into the studio very shortly to finish the "Autumn Lee" single, not to mention additional recordings of two very new songs; for more information, please stay-tuned.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2003
A mess of tour photographs from ABB2's Fall mini-tour have been uploaded and can be viewed by clicking here. All the photographs contain neat captions and stories (the camera was not functioning in Cincinatti; hence, there are no pictures of Cincinatti).

SEPTEMBER 10, 2003
ABB2's Fall mini-tour is nearing a close, as the boys will play the final leg of the tour at Springwater of Nashville on Monday, September 15 with The Dynamite Brothers. Expect a tour diary and a number of pictures from the tour to be uploaded shortly, as there are many good portraits of excess and drunkenness.

In other news, there are a few t-shirts of all sizes, not to mention compact discs, still available for purchase; also, there is a new review in the Press section, courtesy of the Cincinnati CityBeat.

AUGUST 31, 2003
ABB2 will begin its Fall mini-tour on September 2 with a stop at Nashville's Springwater. From there, the boys will all get day jobs and start paying their rent again, but not before playing the scheduled dates (click here for more information).

AUGUST 24, 2003
Commercialism is in full-swing, as t-shirts for both boys and girls of all shapes and sizes are available for purchase in the Order section, not to mention stickers; you know what to do.

AUGUST 19, 2003
Of the confirmed dates for ABB2's Fall mini-tour, four have been added to the Tour section. More are still currently in the planning stages and will be added as soon as possible. Regardless, please click here to see if ABB2 is coming to your area.

JULY 28, 2003
ABB2 would like to thank all in attendance in Lexington, Kentucky; the performance was a great success. More dates are being planned, as ABB2 will be making a massive U.S. Fall tour beginning in September (click here for more information); please stay-tuned to the web-site and the Mailing List for all the latest news and updates.

JULY 13, 2003
ABB2 would like to remind of the forthcoming performance Tuesday at Guido's New York Pizzeria with Masa and Rock City Machine. On Thursday, the boys will head to Lexington and join Dave Cloud & the Gospel of Power and Lone Official for an unparalleled performance at High On Rose; do come if you are able. For more information, please visit the Tour section.

JUNE 27, 2003
A couple of new performances have been added to the Tour section, as ABB2 will be performing in Nashville very shortly with Masa, not to mention Lexington, Kentucky; more tour dates are to be announced soon.

JUNE 23, 2003
A review of ABB2's "Missionary Ridge," courtesy of Sponic Zine, has been added to the Press section; do enjoy it so. In the meantime, stay-tuned to the web-site for information concerning ABB2's forthcoming "Autumn Lee" disc, which is to be released before year's end.

JUNE 20, 2003
Last December's feature article from The Tennessean has been uploaded under the Press section; look for it on other BLE sites shortly.

JUNE 17, 2003
Welcome to the newly-revised home of ABB2, courtesy of Black Label Empire and Los Studios de Fairfax. You may notice that this new site is much easier to navigate, not to mention pretty. All you have to do, as Kiki would say, is "smack that ass." Regardless, a few sections are still under construction, but there are new photographs in the Download section, not to mention audio files.

JUNE 14, 2003
Many apologies are in order concerning the lack of updates to the ABB2 web-site. A new site is currently in production, as this site is a terrible monster to update.

Regardless, ABB2 has been busy performing and recording new songs, such as "Autumn Lee" and "So Glad You're Mine." There has been talk of a possible 7-inch single release for these two songs ("Autumn Lee" is the definite A-side, though the B-side is still undetermined); there will also be a video to coincide with the release of "Autumn Lee," courtesy of Amp It Up! Limited Productions.

MAY 1, 2003
A few new performances have been added to the "Schedule" section.

MARCH 30, 2003
ABB2 has experienced a change in its touring format. New musicians have been recruited to handle drums, bass and electric lead guitar; Forresstt, Jane and Bodean will continue on the keys, percussion and rhythm guitar, respectively. The performance at The Southgate House was the first to utilize this new lineup.

In other news, BLE has decided to release a new ABB2 LP sometime in the very near future. The disc is to feature two new recordings along with a collection of previously unreleased recordings. Please stay-tuned for more information.

MARCH 2, 2003
BLE is currently discussing a possible vinyl release of ABB2's "Missionary Ridge" and "Rock and Roll for Fun" in 7-inch single form. The tracks have already been remixed so as to allow for a vinyl release, though the subject is still only an idea. For more information or to include your two cents, please click here.

In other news, ABB2 wishes to apologize for the cancellation last week at the Slow Bar. Regardless, the evening was a fun one, courtesy of Fun'iki and The What Four. The March 15 showing with The American Static and Altered Statesman is next.

JANUARY 18, 2003
ABB2's "Missionary Ridge" EP is to be remastered this week, so as to allow for greater sonic clarity. Those that have obtained copies from the first pressing will be glad to know that BLE has decided to offer a special upgrade at no cost whatsoever. Presumably, the label will be in contact with all persons on file that have placed an order and will ship the new version as soon as it is available.

Regardless, the title track "Missionary Ridge" is still available for download by clicking here; the stereo versions of "Rock and Roll for Fun" and "A Dream in Blue" will be available for download shortly.

DECEMBER 21, 2002

ABB2's "Missionary Ridge" EP was released as scheduled last Tuesday. Certainly, the title track portrays the group's new sonic direction, as does Kiki's "Rock and Roll for Fun," which was tracked live at Nashville's Springwater with overdubs at Hendersonville's Black Label Studio. Later this week, however, BLE will release the title track in MP3 format, to be followed by "Rock and Roll Fun" and "A Dream in Blue"; "Eight Bars of E" and the bonus material will only be available by purchasing the new EP.

For more information or to order the "Missionary Ridge" EP, please click here.

DECEMBER 14, 2002
BLE would like to thank all in attendance last Saturday at Blue Sky Court.

In other news, a sound file or two will be posted on Tuesday to coincide with the release of "Missionary Ridge," presumably "Missionary Ridge" and "A Dream in Blue," though not necessarily. At this time, it is not certain whether or not the entire EP will be made available for download. Regardless, the entire EP can be purchased by clicking here.

NOVEMBER 29, 2002
The "Missionary Ridge" EP is nearing completion and will arrive as expected on December 17. The track listing has been revised and will include both stereo and mono versions of the four new recordings (to view the new track listing, please click here).

Originally, BLE had intended to include a few "bonus" tracks of previously unreleased material; however, due to the stereo/mono revision, the bonus material may not be included if $4.99 is to be the EP's cost.

Anyone interested in the bonus material may, however, e-mail BLE by clicking here and requesting that the unreleased tracks be released (no profanity, please). If there are enough requests, the bonus material may be included; if not, the unreleased recordings will more than likely be submitted for the Christmas Fan Club disc to be released on December 27.

In other news, ABB2 will be performing at Blue Sky Court on December 7 with Tim Chad & Sherry and Good People; please see the "Schedule" section for more information.

NOVEMBER 11, 2002

Last weekend's Springwater show was a first for all involved, including the bartender. Being that The Good Gospel Truth cancelled, ABB2 instead chose to multi-track onstage. Recorded that evening was Kiki's "Rock and Roll for Fun"; it is expected that this version will make some sort of an appearance on the forthcoming "Missionary Ridge" EP. Please stay tuned for more information.

In other news, ABB2 will be performing in Ohio again on Saturday, November 23. Please visit the "Schedule" section for more information.

OCTOBER 29, 2002
Fellow BLE artist The Good Gospel Truth has invited ABB2 to perform with them on Friday at Nashville's Springwater. Please see the "Schedule" section for more information concerning this first pairing ever with The Good Gospel Truth.

OCTOBER 26, 2002
BLE has finally released the track listing for ABB2's "Missionary Ridge" EP to be released on December 17; the listing for the "Greatest Hits" LP will not be confirmed until the "Missionary Ridge" EP has been recorded. To view the track listing, please click here.

In other news, BLE is intending to have ABB2 performing in another of its "Variety Show" sometime in December to celebrate the new release. When more information becomes available on this matter, it will posted accordingly.

OCTOBER 13, 2002
The proposed artwork for the forthcoming EP "Missionary Ridge" was completed last evening at Los Studios de Fairfax. Although the track listing has not yet been confirmed, BLE artists took liberties so that the following mock-up could be viewed for your viewing pleasure. To view the artwork, please click here.

OCTOBER 12, 2002
There have been some changes made to ABB2's forthcoming LP, currently entitled "Greatest Hits." Instead of releasing an entire LP in January, BLE has decided to release a four song EP on December 17 entitled "Missionary Ridge" (the track listing has yet to be released). By doing this, ABB2 will have a Christmas release to coincide with other BLE artists.

In January, however, BLE will release the entire LP as planned (entitled "Greatest Hits"), thereby discontinuing the "Missionary Ridge" EP (the EP will be made available for pre-order shortly).

SEPTEMBER 28, 2002
The Fall mini-tour is over; many problems were encountered along the way. For instance, the NYPD decided that BLE had no business in Brooklyn and sought to end The Happy Robot showing after bottles of beer were hurled at police officers from various buildings’ rooftops. However, BLE was not held responsible for this, as it was busy making musical noise inside (the performances were cut short).

In other news, ABB2 is hard at work in the studio recording its forthcoming LP "Greatest Hits."

SEPTEMBER 15, 2002

Friday's performance at The End was another great rock showing from ABB2. Instead of the usual "Eye of the Tiger" cover, ABB2 chose this time to wail on Billy Joel's "Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)." Likewise, the "BLE Variety Show" featured a stellar performance from Tim Chad & Sherry, not to mention Communist.

In other news, ABB2, along with Tim Chad & Sherry, Communist, Front Row for the Meltdown and DJ Viper set sail for Canal Street Tavern of Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday, September 18.

A reminder that Friday, September 13 will feature ABB2 in another BLE "Variety Show" at The End of Nashville, also with performances by Tim Chad & Sherry and Communist. Doors will open at 10:00 PM with a cover charge of $5.00 per person; please see the "Schedule" section for more information.

The webmaster is still currently awaiting the track listing for ABB2's forthcoming LP "Greatest Hits," scheduled for release sometime in January 2003.

The track listing for ABB2's forthcoming LP "Greatest Hits" has been confirmed and will be posted on this site shortly under the "Discography" section, probably within the next few days (legal issues must first be cleared before the listing can be posted).

In other news, ABB2 has begun work on a handful of new cover songs for the upcoming performances; most notably, Jane will soon be making her debut lead vocal performance on stage with one of these covers.

AUGUST 23, 2002
Alas, the much improved web-site has arrived. The new site is a breeze to use; the squares above to the right shall be your navigation tools (this new site is indeed intensive, so please allow time to load on slower connections).

Much like the old site, the sections are organzied by importance. There have been updates to the "Sound" and "Images" section, both featuring clips and pics from this summer's world tour. As always, have fun surfing.

AUGUST 11, 2002
Friday's "BLE Variety" show at The End was a success. With regards to Communist and ABB2, not to mention the other bands, BLE packed the place out in typical rock fashion; even "Porky" was pleased, though Bruce could not be reached for his comments. The dueling Ninjas did surprisingly well, as did the BLE camera crew. Yet, the after party at BLE Midtown lasted well into the morning, thanks to the generous, giving nature of one Patti Korgan and Andy Bodean.

AUGUST 2, 2002
The tour continues, as ABB2 will again be performing with Communist on Friday, August 9 at The End. No word yet as to whether or not the Ninjas will be present, but all assumptions point to yes. Regardless, there will be a very special guest performance by a very special guest; please see the "Schedule" section for more information.

JULY 19, 2002
On Saturday, July 27, ABB2 will be joining Communist at the Old Time Picking Parlor for what is being referred to as the "BLE Variety Show"; the performances are to feature a number of surprises and exploits. If any of you have been wondering what you missed during the world tour, now is your chance to find out (please visit the "Schedule" section for more information).

JULY 12, 2002
The world tour is finally at an end, but not without unnecessary drama and trauma. To begin with, the BLE "Vanwagon" lost its alternator an hour and a half outside of Nashville. Fortunately, no one was injured, although a Tennessee State Trooper had to brave the harsh, wet rains while tapping the glass as your boys and girls waited for a tow. Nevertheless, The Happy Robot and its "hoopers" were most accommodating during the stay in Brooklyn; THR, we thank thee (THR will also be thrilled to know that the "Hula Hoop" theme song is well in the works and will be arriving soon). As promised earlier, there will be many updates to the web-site forthcoming, including photos, videos, sound clips and various other documentation or stories from both England and the United States (hence, please stay tuned). Yet, for those of you taking part in the "hatred" on the "Message Board," please note that the BLE, ABB2 and Communist do not endorse any such activity and shall not be held responsible for any wrongdoings therein.

JUNE 22, 2002
Good it is to again be home in Tennessee, though not for long, as Detroit and the rest of the eastern seaboard beckon for the magical sounds of ABB2. This week will see your boys and girls for many long hours inside at rehearsal; the upcoming performances are, reportedly, to be unlike anything ABB2 have ever done before, as Communist comes along to rock the East to its bloody death. For those of you that missed the United Kingdom performances, we apologize; certainly, it was unlike anything you've ever seen or heard, but such is what happens when you don't give a damn for the better of rock and roll (BNA=666). We will, however, have pictures, sound clips and video footage from the performances for you to download very soon.

JUNE 9, 2002
Merry ole England, here we come! Speaking of "merry," yesterday's Pride Fest was quite lovely. Unfortunately, someone in charge felt ABB2's set needed to be cut; thus, your boys and girls only managed to play 10 minutes or less. Dear Jane, however, made sure to expand the mailing list as Kiki and Bodean were treated to an endless supply of complimentary draft brew; regardless, we'll see you in Detroit on the 29th.

JUNE 7, 2002
Good People will not be supporting ABB2 on this summer's tour, for they have canceled; Communist, however, has confirmed that it will go in Good People's absence (Communist, as you will remember, is another BLE artist).

JUNE 3, 2002
ABB2 would like to thank the callers that "phoned-in" last evening and won a copy of "Best When Played Loud." Unfortunately, ABB2 were not able to autograph the CDs, as one caller so nicely requested. However, if you make yourself known, the boys and girls will be happy to send you an autographed publicity photo.

JUNE 2, 2002
Although it rained, Bowling Green was fun, as was New York City. Cox, Kiki, Bodean and Jane returned yesterday very tired and very poor. They were able to distribute an outstanding number of advertisements (nine, to be exact) during their promotional visit. Please remember to tune in at 10:00 PM this evening on 102.9 FM, as ABB2 are to be interviewed on the "Local Buzz" with Natalie, the "Token Rock Chick." Supposedly, there are a number of copies of "Best When Played Loud" available to certain telephone callers.

MAY 22, 2002
The "Schedule" section has been updated to include a slew of new dates; please visit the section in order to see what you'll be missing. Also, I, the Webmaster, would like to know what new sounds you'd like to hear from ABB2: demos or live tracks (please visit the "Contact" section to let me know)?

MAY 19, 2002
The world knows not what it missed last night at The End; dear Communist and Good People rocked harder than a rock, like all good rock bands should. Your very own Kiki amazed the crowd with his amazing synthesizer and drinking skills. Please remember to visit dear Kiki and the rest of the boys and girls at Tidball's of Bowling Green next Saturday. Being that ABB2 will be away for a while with promotional trips to New York and London, etc., I, the Webmaster, will have a few new sounds for you to download over the coming months.

MAY 15, 2002
Should any of you squares wish to see a good, quality rock and roll show that features the approval of ABB2, head over to The End Saturday night (May 18) to witness the magic that is Communist (another BLE artist). Also performing that evening are Masa and Good People (Good People will be joining ABB2 in New York City later this summer, by the wayside); rumor has it that Kiki will be making a surprise "guest" appearance with Communist Saturday evening.

MAY 10, 2002
As stated yesterday, Kiki has acquired a new synthesizer: the Korg MS2000 Analog Synthesizer, featuring 128 built-in sound programs and a MIDI-syncable arpeggiator; simply put, it makes strange little noises that will rock your socks off. As always, please click above to request more ABB2 on 102.9 FM.

MAY 8, 2002
Kiki has announced that he plans to acquire a new synthesizer today for use during performances and the making of records (Bodean is a wee bit troubled, as he knows not his reason for not speaking up when the opportunity presents itself, and for this he is regretful). ABB2 has been invited to partake in an interview on 102.9's "The Local Buzz" and would like for you to keep the requests flowing by clicking above; conversely, the band will be in the studio this evening in rehearsal at 7:00 PM, so please, no phone calls, unless it is an emergency or you are in need of sending money.

MAY 6, 2002
We wish to thank the two people in attendance yesterday at the Old Time Picking Parlor (Friar and Liza, we thank thee); such is the course of an afternoon performance on Cinco de Mayo. We also wish to thank the many people that have requested ABB2 on the radio; however, Kiki's feelings have been hurt because you haven't requested his song (he's very jealous, you know).

APRIL 29, 2002
A message board has now been added to the site; please visit the "Message Board" section to begin your raving and slandering. Also, the "Compositions" section has been revised to include all eight tracks from "Best When Played Loud" and then some. If you were listening, you would have heard ABB2 on 102.9's "The Local Buzz" last evening; we were unaware of this occurence, so if anyone knows what was aired, please let us know or click above to contact the radio station and request more.

APRIL 28, 2002
Please accept our sincerest apologies for not updating the site this past week, as it has been extremely hectic of late, to say the least. To begin with, Thursday's show at the Boro went quite well, although Spidervirus managed to cancel and/or disband at the last minute; hopefully, they'll have things worked out soon and will be able to perform with ABB2 again. In their absence, Laws Rushing performed, along with Baby Stout, the evening's headliner. Last Sunday saw ABB2 at the Old Time Picking Parlor for the Middleman Music showcase, and, although your boys and girls did not sign any contracts, they nevertheless managed to please the crowd, or so we're told. Speaking of the Parlor, last evening's performance with De Novo Dahl and Idlepage was a mediocre success that lasted well into the wee hours of the morn, courtesy of the good people at Circle K (Abraham, Martin & John were unable to attend, but are planning to reschedule their performance sometime in the near future). A reminder that next Sunday will feature ABB2 at the "Cinco de Mayo Celebration" at the Parlor with a slew of Middleman's best; please be sure and attend, as it will be a rather long while before ABB2 are to play Nashville again (please check the "Schedule" section for more information on the May 5 performance, or for learning more about other forthcoming performances).

APRIL 21, 2002
A good time was to be had by all last evening in Bowling Green. ABB2 would like to thank Dr. Dook and the good people of Tidball's for doing their job. If you're wondering, Faqui wasn't able to make the trip, Bodean broke a string during the first song, Jane was sleepy, Kiki drank too much and Miami stole someone's car keys (don't ask me why). ABB2 performed ten or eleven numbers from their usual repertoire, which were all quite good, though Bodean couldn't seem to manage Elk's Les Paul very well. Thus, we'll see you all in Hell on Thursday at The Boro Bar & Grill with Baby Stout and Spidervirus.

APRIL 16, 2002
The "Photography" section has been updated to include photographs from the infamous lost weekend in Omaha, Nebraska with Drivin' Blind.

APRIL 15, 2002
Uploaded today were four sound clips from last Thursday's radio slot; these clips can be found under the "Memorabilia" section and are well worth the listening experience if you're bored out of your mind or just plain drunk.

APRIL 14, 2002
Billarabi came dressed to impress and gave Nashville a show that will not be forgotten. Tee (not "Tea," as we had previously thought) rocked the doors off the Parlor; without a doubt, this was Tee's best performance to date. Bodean wishes to thank Tee for allowing him to borrow their guitar, as he, in typical Bodean fashion, broke a string before ABB2 ever took the stage. This week will see new sounds uploaded to the site from last Thursday's radio slot, so please stay tuned.

APRIL 10, 2002
Many thanks go out to all of you who attended the performance last evening at Wolfy's. Unfortunately, Miami was unable to attend, yet Brian Kotzur of Good People saved the day by making an impromptu appearance on drums. Please be sure and attend the performance Saturday at the Old Time Picking Parlor; Tee will open the show at 8:00 PM and will be followed by ABB2 at 9:00 PM. At 10:00 PM, Billarabi will take the stage; everyone is needed to show Billarabi a good time, as they will be opening up for Bush this summer and none of us wish to be outdone by Bush, now do we?

APRIL 9, 2002
Due to your thoughts, prayers and/or seances, ABB2 have safely returned home from Nebraska. The 23 hour round-trip was certainly demanding, but proved worth it once your boys and girls took the stage Saturday night at the 49 R. Much "partying" took place in the hotel room (one or two complaints were filed at the front office); Miami awoke Saturday afternoon without his underwear, Kiki did not shower the entire weekend, Bodean slept in anger in the van and lost his trademark sunglasses, Faqui missed his opportunity to "frim-frim," while Jane slept peacefully for 13 continuous hours (many photographs were taken and will be posted soon). Please be sure to drop by Tuesday at Wolfy's, as ABB2 will be taking the stage with Tee starting at 8:00 PM; be there and B2, for the drinks are cheap and the cover is non-existent.

APRIL 5, 2002
ABB2 have left for Nebraska to join Drivin' Blind at the 49 R. Making the pilgrimage also is Faqui Shaarie, ABB2's self-proclaimed "roadie" and head of security. The event appears to be a good one, though matters could change at any given moment. Please keep the boys and girls in your thoughts, prayers and/or seances.

APRIL 4, 2002
The performance last evening at Sebastian's was not the best of "gigs" thus far; Good People were unable to attend as a band member's grandfather passed away. Our condolences go out to Good People and we wish them a happy return to the rock and roll nightmare. They are to perform with ABB2 again in the very near future. Moreover, ABB2 will never play Sebastian's again, and it is recommended that all bands and artists avoid the venue at whatever the cost ($7.00 seems to be the going rate).

MARCH 30, 2002
ABB2 are currently rehearsing "The Girl from Ipanema" and "I'm So Lonely" to be performed Wednesday, April 3 at Sebastian's with Good People. Please visit the "Schedule" section for more information.

MARCH 25, 2002
The "Biography" and "Photography" sections were completed and uploaded today, as per the design intructions from Los Studios de Fairfax. Please visit the pages and tell whomever it concerns what it is you think thereof (like that, Mr. Peterman?).

MARCH 22, 2002
Bodean and Forresstt are to work with Matt X this evening at Los Studios de Fairfax on the Abraham, Martin & John project. Please check back soon for an update on their progress, if you feel so inclined.

MARCH 20, 2002
The Springwater show yielded quite a nice turnout, despite the inclement weather. Tee, the supporting act that opened for ABB2, ran into difficulty as their bass player was contained and questioned by Metro police prior to their scheduled 9:30 start time. In the end, however, the delinquent bass player was released and put on one hell of a show. Moreover, Tee expressed interest in performing with ABB2 again in the near future.

MARCH 18, 2002
A reminder that tomorrow night will feature ABB2 at Springwater in Nashville beginning at 9:30 PM. According to club management, there will be no cover charge, so all are encouraged to drink and attend. A supporting act has not yet been determined, although negotiations are currently being made.

MARCH 17, 2002
Saturday's performance at the Old Time Picking Parlor with Drivin' Blind went as according to schedule; Drivin' Blind was asked to return to Nashville and will be performing at Tootsie's in August (ABB2 will be performing again with the group in Nebraska on the 6th of April).

MARCH 15, 2002
ABB2's Debut EP "Best When Played Loud" on The Black Label Empire is now available in complimentary PROMOTIONAL form at various stores throughout the Murfreesboro area. Listed in no particular order, the stores are as follows: Red Rose Coffee House & Bistro, Century 21 Records, Enchanted Planet, and the Tucker Theatre at MTSU. Please visit the "Order" page for more information.

MARCH 14, 2002
Last evening's benefit performance at Sebastian's was a success; a tremendous donation will be made to the JUNIOR ACHIEVERS, despite the fact that Kiki and Miami were busted in an attempt to sneak "Goldschlager" into the venue. A reminder that Saturday night will feature your "boys and girls" along side Drivin' Blind from Nebraska at the Old Time Picking Parlor in Nashville; please be a good drunk and come forth, as it's all free and dandy.

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