From the forthcoming BLE LP "Anthology" (BLE9322)
Various Selections via Reverbnation (streaming only)

From the BLE SINGLE "Autumn Lee" (BLE9222)
Autumn Lee (45-second clip) [Hi-Fi 0.7MB]

From the BLE EP "Missionary Ridge" (BLE9122A)
Missionary Ridge [Hi-Fi 7.62MB]
A Dream In Blue [Hi-Fi 4.88MB]

From the BLE EP "'Best When Played Loud'" (BLE9022)
The Bait [Hi-Fi 5.99MB]
A Month of Sundays [Hi-Fi 7.76MB]

Previously Unreleased
New Day Dawning (Demo) [Lo-Fi 1.90MB]
Number 1 for Week of 12-07-03 (Segment) [Lo-Fi 1.07MB]
Various Demos via MySpace (streaming only)
"Live at Low Places Baithouse & Cafe: January 29, 1998" via BLE WebRadio (streaming only)


An Ante-Bellum Sermon (Live) (streaming only)
Autumn Lee (Live) (streaming only)
So Glad You're Mine (Live) (streaming only)


Photographs by Eden Mary Mercedes (at Betty's Grill, January 3, 2015). Used with permission. Copyright 2015 Eden Mary Mercedes. All Rights Reserved.

Photographs by Ray Wendy Pictures (at Cafe Coco, February 15, 2013). Used with permission. Copyright 2013 Ray Wendy Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

Photographs by Karla Gachet (at Blue Sky Court, December 7, 2002). Used with permission. Copyright 2002 Karla Gachet. All Rights Reserved.

Candid 2003 Fall Tour Images

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