JANUARY 4, 2015
Photographs from last night's performance at Betty's Grill have been added to the Download section (special thanks to Eden Mary Mercedes).

FEBRUARY 17, 2013
Photographs from last Friday's performance at Cafe Coco have been added to the Download section (special thanks to Ray Wendy Pictures).

JANUARY 28, 2013
A new date has been added to the Tour section, as ABB2 will be performing for the first time in nine years at Cafe Coco in February.

JUNE 19, 2012
On this day in 2002, Andy Bodean performed alone at 12 Bar Club in London. This performance was filmed in its entirety, but has remained unissued until now: "An Ante-Bellum Sermon" was sixth among the eight songs that comprised the set list of the UK tour.

FEBRUARY 17, 2012
Minor historical revisions have been made to the Tour section.

JANUARY 6, 2012
Maintenance has been performed on the Download section, as it has now been cleaned and updated.

JANUARY 1, 2012
Well, it's two years later and we've finally made an entry to the web-site. Ah, Hell, that's how it goes. "The Anthology" is in full-force and coming along quite nicely (in fact, Kiki and Bodean both brought in the new year together last evening with Autumn Lee, just like old times). If you've been shopping for a new pair of speakers, why not go for it?

That's about it for now, and as we said two years ago, stay-tuned, as it's going to be a heck of a trip from the station (even if you don't want to hear our mouth).

JANUARY 9, 2010
ABB2 would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and remind you that 2010 should be an exciting year regarding the ABB2 catalog of releases (i.e., the Anthology).

ABB2's first live perfomance is still currently being streamed on BLE WebRadio (but for how long, we don't know). Plus, the number of old "not-so-hard at work" demo recordings have been replaced with a number of new demo recordings from a number of unreleased songs on the MySpace page.

So stay-tuned, as it's going to be a heck of a trip from the station (even if you don't want to hear our mouth).

JULY 19, 2009
Despite information currently being found on the Internet, Andy Bodean/Andy Bodean and the Bottom Boys will not be performing tomorrow night at Springwater.

MAY 16, 2009
ABB2's first live performance ever is currently being streamed for a limited time on BLE WebRadio.

OCTOBER 24, 2004
The Missionary Ridge Historic Disctric is featuring ABB2's "Missionary Ridge" on its web-site. For more information, please visit the web-site by clicking here.

UPDATE: The Missionary Ridge Historic Disctric web-site is no longer functional.

JULY 30, 2004
New demo recordings from ABB2's "not-so-hard at work" full-length LP have been uploaded to the Download section.

UPDATE: These recordings can now be found on ABB2's MySpace page.

JUNE 5, 2004
ABB2 will be performing on July 7 at Springwater of Nashville with special friend The Dynamite Brothers. Please attend this performance, as there is quite a special surprise in store (click here for more information).

In other news, ABB2 is currently not-so-hard at work on a new full-length LP to be released sometime in the future. Please stay-tuned to the site for a possible download or two from these latest recording sessions.

MARCH 27, 2004
A number of upcoming performances have been added to the Tour section; please click here for more information. Also, "Autumn Lee" has been uploaded to the Download section in full, hi-fi format.

FEBRUARY 17, 2004
A live performance video of "Autumn Lee" has been added to the Video section, courtesy of Amp It Up! Limited Productions; the video was shot at The End of Nashville, Tennessee on November 26, 2003.

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